Bitcoin breaks $8k once more: "$9k if we close above $8,000," says analyst

Bitcoin once again broke through $8k this time with an impressive pump of around $300, marking the third time since Bitcoin’s fall below 8.5k that the #1 has managed to creep back up above this point. But will we continue this back and forth forever? What’s next for Bitcoin?
Bitcoin breaks $8k once more: $9k if we close above $8,000, says analyst
Currently, Bitcoin’s (BTC) price stands at around $7950 with BTC seemingly stabilizing after a mad dash upwards.
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One analyst known as Crypto_y_tho, suggested that Bitcoin could take one of two routes, first, the bearish avenue ruminates at a daily close below $8k which could lead to bitcoin finally falling below $7k, the bullish take points to a daily close above $8k, which could see BTC test against $9k.
The bullish move came, sorry bears. lol

This is don't expect it to be easy.

If we close daily above 8k we all good, below that and we get that deeper correction. 
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providing more positive vibes, Cantering Clark relayed that BTC’s last move has him believing that Bitcoin could go up rather than down, adding that futures trading at a small premium indicates that bullish momentum is once again growing:
DYORangutang displayed some post trade regret, suggesting that BTC is looking to test $8200, contrary to the analysts previous estimation of $7k.
We got the bounce on the 3rd drive down, now trying to reclaim previous consolidation zone. 8200 remains a nice short opportunity.
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Didn't get the signalled entry, shorted a bit lower, still holding it. Already tested the support 3 times, bounces have low volume. I think more people are countertrading CT than actually looking at the chart, for me, we are still going below 7k.
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Also looking at the $8200 level is Josh Rager, who similarly believed Bitcoin was going down only to be proven completely wrong:
Nice 6% pump by

Sentiment was a little too bearish after that weekly close

Even I expected further downside

Range remains the same and would like to see a daily close above $8200
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So, it seems as if Bitcoin has surprised everyone today, but for the most part the consensus is that this pump could lead to further gains. What do you think is Bitcoin going to further today’s gains or will we see another dip well below $8k? Let us know your thoughts in the comments !
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