Just 4% of "top" altcoins outperformed Bitcoin last year

Bitcoin has proven itself a tough act to follow. Out of a sample of 167 altcoins, only 4% had a positive BTC return over the last year. Of the best performers, all besides BNB were outside of the top 100 last year, Bitcoinist reports
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Of the 167 altcoins chosen by crypto analyst Ceteris Paribus, just six had outperformed Bitcoin over the last 12 months. Additionally, the combined BTC market cap of all 167 altcoins dropped by 69% from ₿23.4M to ₿7.2M.
Looking at a large sample of alts, only 4% have a positive return over the past year. The combined BTC market cap has dropped by 69%, from ₿23.4M to ₿7.2M.

The 6 top performers? Besides , all were outside the Top 100 one year ago.
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Interestingly, none of the top earners, aside from Binance Coin featured in the top 100 last year. Also, all the coins have the majority of their volume traded on Binance. Here are the top earners:
1. Chainlink

Chainlink has surged 637% in terms of BTC over the last 12 months. For the same time period, Bitcoin itself saw an overall gain of 50%. However, Bitcoin’s recent price correction has taken its toll on Chainlink, currently down 18% at the time of writing.
2. Holochain
Having been listed on Binance about a year ago, Holochain is up 97% against Bitcoin over the last year. While not quite as impressive as Chainlink’s performance, HOT holders are still seeing nice returns.
3. Ravencoin
Ravencoin has been making waves in the market with its frequent price surges. Over the last year, RVN is up 91% against Bitcoin.
4. Binance Coin
While not as impressive a performance as the top three, Binance Coin has seen gains of 31% against Bitcoin. BNB holders will still receive a nice return on their investment.
5. Ren
Up 28% against Bitcoin over the last 12 months, Ren, an open protocol enabling the permissionless and private transfer of value between blockchains, has also seen respectable returns.
6. Enjin Coin
Supporting the gaming industry, Enjin Coin is up just 1% against BTC.
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